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The Necessary Breathing Exercises For improving Lung capacity

In the pandemic era, the word lung capacity is becoming increasingly important. While most people have heard this term quite a few times in the last couple of months, only a handful of people really know the meaning of it.

The lung capacity indicates the amount of air that our lungs are able to hold. After we reach the mid-20s, our lung capacity starts to decrease. The doctors scheduled for medical for immigration examination point out that some common diseases, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, can reduce lung capacity even further.

Fortunately, there are a handful of exercises that can significantly enhance the lung capacity of people. Check the following section of this article to find out more about these examinations.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Also known as belly breathing, diaphragmatic breathing involves the diaphragm of our body, which is supposed to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to breathing. This technique is especially helpful for people who are suffering from COPD. This breathing technique can strengthen the diaphragm of such patients, which, in turn, can improve their lung capacity in the long run.

You need to talk to the doctors of medical for immigration to know about the breathing technique better. Saying that here we have described the steps of practicing the breathing. Have a look.

  • Relax your shoulder and sit back or lie down on your back.
  • Press one hand on your chest and the other one on your belly.
  • Take a deep breath via your nose for at least two seconds. Feel the air move inside your abdomen and you will feel your stomach moving out. Make sure that your stomach moves more than your chest does while taking the breath.
  • Breathe out for two seconds through the pursed lips while putting pressure on your abdomen.
  • Repeat The Process.

Pursed -Lips Breathing

This breathing technique can slow down your breathing process while keeping your airways open for longer. This breathing technique also reduces the strain of breathing, which makes it easier for your lungs to breathe. The pursed lips breathing technique also improves the carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange rate, which, in turn, makes us healthier.

This breathing technique is better and easier for beginners who are trying to improve their lung capacity for the first time. This breathing technique is also quite easier than that of diaphragmatic breathing. You can practice this breathing technique at home, even if no one shows you how you should do it. Also, you can practice this technique at any time during the day.

Here are the steps that can help you to practice the pursed lips breathing technique. Take a look to know how you can practice it.

  • Keep your mouth close and inhale via your nostrils.
  • Compress your lips just like you are going to blow the candles or pouting.
  • Release your breath through the pursed lips very slowly. This breathing out should take at least twice as long as the inhaling process.
  • Repeat the process multiple times.

Now that you know the two most powerful breathing techniques, you can start practicing them. While you can start exercising the pursed lips technique right away, you should not try the diaphragmatic breathing without consulting with the medical for immigration doctors. As prevention is always better than cure, start practicing these techniques to improve your lung capacity effectively.