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Things You Need to Know About Urine Test

Most of the people might have already given urine sample at some point or the other. A urine sample is analyzed using various tests. The tests will help the doctor to diagnose specific diseases or for monitoring their progress. For instance, the urine test strips will show whether you have diabetes or urinary tract infection. You might have to go through a urine test during your medical examination for immigration.

What does the Characteristics of Urine Tell You?

The elimination of urine is pretty important for the various bodily functions. It helps in regulating the balance of water in the body.  Moreover, it will also help to get rid of the substance which is produced during the metabolic processed and are no longer required by the body. These comprises of toxic substance that are present in medicines or food.  Urine test will help you to detect the disease of the urinary system and also metabolic disease such as liver or diabetes.

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The odor, color, and urine will readily indicate if something is wrong.  For example, during the medical examination for immigration, someone passes little dark urine, it might be a sign that they haven’t had enough to drink or that the kidney aren’t working properly.  Flaky and cloudy urine might be a sign of urinary tract infection. If the medical examination for immigration shows that the urine is red in color then it might have blood in it.

How to Give Urine Samples?

Urine might easily be contaminated by cells, bacteria, and other substance.  Thus, it is a good idea to clean your genital area using water.  However, make sure that you do not use soap prior to giving the sample for the medical examination for immigration. In order to get the accurate result, you need to avoid bacterial contamination.  You can take a sample of the midstream urine simply by hindering the urine flow after few second and collect the mid portion of the cup of urine.  The doctor will let you know if there is anything else that you have to pay attention to.  You can use five standard urine tests to examine the various components of urine.

Rapid Urine Test

This is considered to be the fastest way to test urine.  For this, the test strip is dipped in a small square colored field on it into the sample of urine for some seconds. After this, you have to wait for some time for the results to appear. On the basis of the concentration of a certain substance that you are testing, the strip is going to change its color. Then the resulting color is compared with the color table.


Urinalysis is a basic test of the primary features of blood.  It is a part of the routine medical examination for immigration.  

Urine Culture

This is a test done in the laboratory to find out if the urine has germ content. A sample of midstream urine is filled in the container and the small plate with the growth medium is put into the sample and then the container is closed.

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24-Hour Urine Collection

For this test, urine is collected over a period of 24 hours.  However, the first urine sample after you wake up isn’t used but the urination is properly noted.

Pregnancy Test

There are urine tests to check if someone is pregnan