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A Healing Herb – Cannabis Oil For Cancer Treatment

Though many positive testimonials have come up by patients suffering from cancer in favour of the use of cannabis oil, yet no concrete medical evidence has been found to date to support the claim that it can be used to cure cancer. So yes though cannabis oil for cancer treatment can be used to ease out the symptoms and stress related to it cannot be definitely said that it cures cancer.

cannabis oil for cancer

Work to tune in-

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that are producers of TCH and CBD. In the late 1980s, it was discovered a cannabinoid receptor can be found and yet a short while later it was discovered that the human body could generate endocannabinoids that are cannabinoid-like chemicals. These receptors are of two types CB1 and CB2 found at various locations inside a human body performing different sets of functions. While CB2 are receptors in the immune system cells, the CB1 is found especially in the brain cells and nerve cells and is hence related to nervous system cells.

Lab effect-

Recent studies and discoveries show that cannabis oil for cancer treatment can be considered as a great alternative as cannabinoids have various effects in the lab that can be used for cancer treatment like-

  1. The division of cells can be stopped
  2. Death of cells can be triggered through apoptosis
  3. The new blood vessels can be prevented from developing tumours
  4. The spread of cancer cells can be stopped so that the infection is not spread

The CB1 and CB2 receptors are known to cause the above positive effects. Also, a high amount of THC does help in killing cancer cells hence it can be considered an alternative that cannabis oil for cancer treatment would be realized very soon in the near future.

cannabis oil for cancer

Complementary therapy-

Conventional methods of cancer treatment like radiation and chemotherapy have deteriorating side effects on the overall health of the patient as they along with the infected cells also kill the healthy cells and this leads to various severe effects on the body that can be soothed and eased with cannabis oil, which has been proven time and again. The cannabis oil can-

  1. Sooth unbearable pains that are caused either due to internal organs being pressurized or a nerve injury or any inflammation as cannabis can treat such problems from the roots due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Also, the TCH acts on the CB1 receptor to help in reducing the pain that is caused by any nerve injury.
  • The THC found in cannabis oil can help soothe nausea and vomiting tendencies that are often complained about by cancer patients.
  • The cannabinoid found in cannabis helps in increasing appetite to maintain a healthy weight of the body so as to ensure it can beat with the treatment as often cancer treated patients tend to lose their appetite very fast leading to drastic weight loss.

The cannabis oil for cancer treatment is a very effective complementary treatment for cancer patients as it is anti-inflammatory and pain soothing properties help the patients in sustaining against the gruelling treatments to treat cancer.